Danny Handes

While Danny Handes might be a new name in the music industry to most he has played with many a band in his time. Now striking out solo Handes has recorded an album full of songs that focus on voice and lyrics rather than instrumentation. Most of the songs on the album use the minimalist approach when it comes to instruments and all of the instruments (except for the drums on one track) were played by Danny Handes himself. He is very creative with what he uses to makes sounds in that boxes, brushes and even knitting needles are used on the album. You can really appreciate the album's eclectic and layered sound more if you listen to it with headphones.

In regards to sound The Asterisk Eye is a mix of folk, country, rock, and instrumentals. Handes wrote all the songs except for his interesting cover of Ramones song "Questioningly". This Toronto-born musician certainly keeps things interesting on this release.

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