The Assumption of Empire Preview

The writer of this play, Ann Lambert, was once the head of the National Theatre School's playwriting program. She now teaches drama at Dawson College. This is her second collaboration with the people at Unwashed Grape and it certainly is an ambitious project.

Set in Montreal from 1978 to 2008 the play looks at the personal and political in a way that only Lambert can. She is able to change eras, examine change over time and how humans have coped with those changes. Politics, violence, the Quebec Referendum, and the shooting at Dawson College are all part of this play.

Sometimes too many changes can really hit a person. Sophie Wiseman (Laura Mitchell) is married to her second husband Steve (Bill Croft), but can't stop thinking about her first husband, Ivan (Tim Hine). This preoccupation is exacerbated when she finds out that his second wife has died under mysterious circumstances. She finds herself thinking back to her younger years and the things she went through. Sophie struggles with adjusting to getting older, questioning whether she is truly happy with her life and pondering her ideas of true love. She is really looking for meaning in her life.

All this is set against the backdrop of the everchanging city of Montreal. Its issues, politics and charm mould the people in it. We see that things in the past really foreshadow the future and give us clues about the present. If we are willing to see or listen to them.

Lambert has written this one woman's journey and director Paul Hawkins, also a teacher at Dawson College, is leading that journey. The play uses humour, shock and disgust to tell its story.

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