The Lodger

Mistake number one was thinking they could remake a Hitchcock film. Even if it was his first film. This is like attempting a paint-by-numbers version of a Picasso painting. The effort is there, but it really just is an amateur attempt.

In Los Angeles there has been a series of Jack the Ripper type murders. A number of prostitutes have been gruesomely murdered in the exact same way that Jack the Ripper did in 1927. The odd thing is that a man was already arrested and executed for the murders, but they start up again.

Ellen (Hope Davis – The Weather Man, Proof) is a lonely housewife, whose husband (Donal Logue – Max Payne, Zodiac) routinely ignores her. The only communication between the two consists of him telling her to take her medication and leaving him alone. He implores her to find a lodger for the guest house in the back. One day she opens the door to find a man (Simon Baker – from television's The Mentalist) standing there who wants to rent the guest house.

Malcolm is an odd man to say the least, but Ellen is intrigued by him. The fact that he insists on remaining isolated in the guest house, only allowing Ellen in to see him, makes her even more interested.

Chandler Manning (Alfred Molina – Chocolat, The Pink Panther 2) is the detective assigned to the case. He was the man who arrested the original man and now is trying to right his obvious wrong.

Despite the decent cast this film is a miserable and rainy bore. Instead of being a tense true crime film it ends up not having enough of a story to keep your interest. The first half is your typical mystery film and the second tries to achieve the level of thriller. Everything falls just dreadfully short of all it attempts. But do stick it out until the final scene…it sets new levels of plagiarism (of Psycho) and silliness.

Special Features:
-Previews of Blu-ray Disc is High Definition, The Poker Club, The Grudge 3, Vacancy 2: The First Cut, Against the Dark, Boogeyman 3, Red Sands, The Librarian 3: Curse of the Judas Chalice, Elegy, The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow, Rec, Anacondas: Trail of Blood, Screamers: The Hunting, Deep Winter, Quarantine, Passengers, Rachel Getting Married, Breaking Bad, Buried Alive, and
-Deleted and alternate scenes
-Beyond the Shadows: Behind the Scenes of The Lodger

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