Ian Tyson

New material from Canadian country legend Ian Tyson for the first time in four years is something to shout from the tops of the Rockies about. These are 10 very personal and intimate songs. Beautiful is the best word that can be used to describe this album.

What you will notice with your first moments of listening to the album is how this well-known singer now has a new voice. This is courtesy of an illness he suffered/is suffering from. There is a more raspy and gritty quality to the vocals on this CD. Besides this the last two years of his life have been topsy-turvy to say the least. He got divorced, turned 75 and then broke up with his partner. His later years are certainly not starting off quietly. He does handle these changes with wisdom and grace. It almost makes turning 75 sound cool.

The music on the CD is great and the lyrics are insightful. He sings of love, horses and an assortment of characters that anyone who has followed his career would be familiar with.

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