Miss March

A movie of least expected humor. When one sees the commercial to this film, one would say: "Oh no, not another one of those pointless teenage comedies!" But to all of you doubters, you are in for an unexpected ride. This film was directed, written and acted by Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore – which I personally find incredible. While other one-man-shows such as Kenneth Branagh, who totally over exaggerate their acting and storylines, these two talented men only add to their masterpiece of an underestimated movie.

The film begins with Eugene Bell (Cregger) and Tucker Cleigh (Trevor Moore) as young children who find the opposite sex to have the "cooties" syndrome, find a playboy magazine which changes their lives forever, turning Tucker into a pervert for life and causing Eugene to believe in abstinence. Trevor Moore actually greatly resembles Jim Carrey throughout the film with his tones, actions and Ace Venture type of dress. Eugene's lovely girlfriend Cindi Whitehall (Raquel Alessi) has been dating him for 2 years, and forces Eugene to make love to her for the first time at prom. In the limo to prom, we meet The Office's Craig Robinson who plays the rap superstar, Horsedick.MPEG who just adds to the comic relief of the film. During the after prom party, Eugene falls drunkly down a flight of stairs and falls into a four year coma. The adventure begins when Tucker wakes him up by hitting him with a baseball bat.

Throughtout the film, there is countless humor and debauchery, but used in a very different way than other teenage films. The duo face angry ex-girlfriends, insane firefighters and finally end up in the Playboy mansion meeting Hugh Heffner in person.

I, personally, find this movie one of the best movies I saw this year, mainly because I went into thinking it would be terrible, when in fact it was a masterpiece of comedy. If you want to have a great laugh, not an inner laugh where you just tell your friends the next day that it was just funny. This movie is a guaranteed abs builder.

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