Fleetwood Mac

I've always been intrigued by this band that is made up of such different personalities. If you take Christine McVie (not touring with them) out of the equation, the present incarnation of Fleetwood Mac is made up of a rocker (Lindsay Buckingham, youngest at 59), a British chap (John McVie, 63), the class clown (Mick Fleetwood, 61), and the odd girl (Stevie Nicks, 60). This was their first tour together in 5 years and while they are all a little bit long in the tooth and have plenty of history together (not all of it good) they still managed to put on a decent show.

The tour is billed as a greatest hits tour, so that is what we got. Hit after hit was pulled out of their large catalogue of songs. That and some Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham solo stuff. We got a bunch of hits from their albums "Fleetwood Mac", "Tusk" and the huge 30 million copies sold and Grammy-winning "Rumours". Though they all look a little older everything still seemed like the 70s once they started playing. The iconic Stevie Nicks was still wearing her flowing dresses, killer boots and her microphone stand still had the flowing black scarves, Mick Fleetwood still wearing his vest and short pants pounded the drums like a man possessed and Lindsay Buckingham showed that his fingers were still nimble enough to play some extended and tricky guitar solos.

As I said they are a little older, but for almost 2 and ½ hours frontman Lindsay Buckingham stayed on stage, while the other members came and went, and played his heart out. A couple of times the sweat drenched vocalist/guitarist patted his heart in a show of appreciation for the crowd's enthusiastic reaction, but I wondered at times if the effort was a bit too much for him. He played with the fire and passion of a man years younger while still looking the part of the rocker with his black leather jacket, black Levis and red v-neck tshirt. He howled during and after songs plus played his various guitars with a fury of finger plucking I haven't seen in a while. Talented man.

What can you say about the iconic Stevie Nicks. The woman is one of a kind. She even seems to live in a world of her own. At first a bit standoffish towards the crowd, she warmed up by the time she got to songs like "Sara" and "Gold Dust Woman". Nicks was really into it by the time she got to her own hit "Stand Back" and treated the crowd to a shawl enhanced twirl. The drama and the costume accoutrements were all there, but she looked a bit lost at times on stage. The unique voice, though a little deeper, is still there alongside the quirky stage persona and the golden locks.

In the middle of the set, everyone left except Buckingham and he started what turned into an acoustic mini set in the middle of everything. "Big Love", "Landslide", "Never Going Back Again", and the never before played live "Storms" were excellent. Once again Buckingham showed his dexterity on several guitar solos. It was a nice change of pace oasis in the middle of all that rock.

Despite the best attempts of the other members of Fleetwood Mac this really was Lindsay Buckingham's night. He stood out as the member who could most likely continue to have a career today. Still it was fun to go back to the 70s musically and listen to a band who was a big part of that decade.

Set List:
1) Monday Morning
2) The Chain
3) Dreams
4) I Know I'm Not Wrong
5) Gypsy
6) Go Insane (Lindsay Buckingham solo hit)
7) Rhiannon
8) Second Hand News
9) Tusk
10) Sara
11) Big Love
12) Landslide
13) Never Going Back Again
14) Storms
15) Say You Love Me
16) Gold Dust Woman
17) Oh Well
18) I'm So Afraid
19) Stand Back (Stevie Nicks solo hit)
20) Go Your Own Way
1st Encore:
21) World Turning
22) Don't Stop
2nd Encore:
23) Silver Springs

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