Art_Feria @ Festivalissimo

Thirty-one-year-old trained graphic designer Yanick Sasseville is the featured artist at Art_Feria this year at Festivalissimo. Sasseville was born in Canada and works in the mediums of sculpture, painting and installation. The exhibit at the Xerox Tower (which is free to see) in Plaza Alexis Nihon is comprised exclusively of paintings – 8 of them, to be exact.

Despite the fact that the eight paintings feature plants or flowers as their subjects they are quite sad. Emotionally the paintings are dark and do not use the flowers in a light and happy way. Looking at them you feel the solitude and sadness the artist is trying to depict. Often the colours he uses are muted or earth tones and the flowers are bent, alone or being blown by the wind.

Another interesting aspect of the paintings is how he uses organic materials or found objects within them. If you look closely you will see seeds or ashes incorporated into the paintings. This adds another layer or dimension to what he is trying to communicate with his work. It also adds to the depth and shadowing of the paintings.

You can check out more on this local artist by looking at his website:

Additional Information:
-Venue: Plaza Alexis Nihon – 3400 de Maisonneuve West

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