Bedtime Stories – Blu-ray Edition

From the man who gave you "Don't Mess With The Zohan" and "Billy Madison", Adam Sandler combines all his previous movie personas into this new Disney movie where the stories he tells come true. "Bedtime Stories" is an adventure comedy where Skeeter Bronson, a hotel handyman, who grew up living a life of fantasy through bedtime stories, relives the experiences with his niece and nephew. Ironically, it's the kids' unexpected contributions to the bedtime stories that turn all of their lives upside down.

This film provides a unique opportunity to combine classic Disney storytelling, like the Lion King or Cinderella, with Adam Sandler's signature brand of silly comedy. At the forefront of this soon-to-be a Disney success film, Adam Shankman, who directed such films as "Bringing Down The House" and "The Pacifier", created the very original idea of a man who lives in a hotel and gets to do whatever he pleases every day, while inspiring children and guiding them in the right directions at the same time.

This movie dwells in the fantasy element with settings from the Old West, Outer Space, all the way back to the Medieval Times and Ancient Greece. All this leads to the moral that children shape the future, and adults should listen to them more. The more apparent theme, is the one in which the child inside all of us never dies, and we just have to reconnect with that little tiny bugger inside of us.

This movie also has a lot of big stars from Courtney Cox to Richard Griffiths. All in all, if you have a child, or you still are a middle-aged child, go see this film. AND, enjoy another Adam Sandler film with a child's twist.

Special Features:
-Until Gravity Do Us Part
-It's Bugsy
-To All The Little People
-Bloopers and Deleted Scenes

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