What to Look for in a Suit

Dressing up for guys is kinda a no brainer. Just slap on a suit and you are good to go. Still some guys find a way to botch it up. Here are some tips to help guys figure out how to go right with the biggest investment they make in their wardrobe:

*Know all you can about how suits should fit and what style looks best on you before you go buy one. Remember the salesclerk is there to sell to you, not make you look your best.
*If the suit is for work or everyday wear then keep it dark and classic.
*Black and navy are the two safest colours to wear to occasions like wedding or funerals.
*If you are planning to wear the jacket with a pair of jeans and a tshirt do not buy no name brands, go designer.
*Bring a friend along with you who is not shy to tell you the truth.
*Large department stores are not the worst places to start your hunt as you will see a variety of styles, prices and brands all at once.
*Know your size. This is a type of clothing that must fit correctly to look good.
*The shoulders of a suit should fit snuggly on to yours. The suit shoulder pads should not jut out further than your own shoulders.
*You should be able to easily button a suit. No straining.
*According to today's style of shorter suits – the shortest the suit should be is one inch longer than your suit sleeve.
*The Three-Button Suit is generally for younger men with the Two-Button Suit being thought of as more conservative and mature a look

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