Ten Most Stylish Athletes

Athletes are generally not known for their style. You would think that due to the money they make that they would have access to the latest, hottest styles, but they just seem to have the rink, pitch, diamond or field on their minds. Most of them are only seen in jeans or sweats. But there are a few who know how to put an ensemble together. When an athlete puts on a suit or a stylish outfit with their fit body it is usually something to behold. Here is a list of ten of the most stylish athletes in no particular order:

1) Michael Jordan: Despite the fact that he is 6'6" he has always been able to look sharp. Whether wearing a suit, sweats or a golf outfit the guy always looks sharp. Now if he would only get rid of that cigar in his mouth.

2) David Beckham: A designer's dream with his lithe body and killer looks. Besides this the guy is adventurous and pays attention to fashion. He is the athlete who will take the most fashion risks but it usually works out for him.

3) Alex Rodriguez: You cannot be a fashion slouch if you can catch Madonna's eye. He makes a ton of cash but is smart enough to spend a heap of it on Armani and Gucci. Smart guy.

4) Maria Sharapova: Her tennis outfits always cause mouths to waggle. Off the court she also turns heads. It isn't hard to look good when you are statuesque, in shape and blonde and blue-eyed.

5) Henrick Lundqvist: Living in New York does not hurt this clothes horse. His signature look usually includes a stylish scarf.

6) Cristiano Ronaldo: To keep up with all the models that he dates this multi-millionaire knows how to look good on the soccer pitch and off. Very European sense of style.

7) Dwayne Wade: Named by GQ magazine as the best dressed player in the NBA, this guy looks hot whatever he wears. Knows how to make a statement on the court and off.

8) Freddie Ljungberg: A player on the Swedish national soccer team but known to women for his hot Calvin Klein underwear ads. He shows that he knows what to wear over his Calvin Kleins.

9) Jason Taylor: Good looking and good dresser. Not only looked sharp during his stint on Dancing With the Stars but knows fashion. Always looks sharp.

10) Ana Ivanovic: Though her tennis game is going through a rough patch the girl still looks great. Her great looks don't hurt and her classic fashion sense serves her well.

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