Top Best Looking Habs

Now that we know that our beloved Canadiens will take part in the 2008-09 playoffs the city has hockey fever. The Montreal Canadiens and following them is like a religion in Montreal. We examine the team from every single angle. I have tried to create a top 10 list that has not been done before. Here are a list, in my opinion, of the best looking players to ever wear the bleu, blanc rouge in no particular order. Now hockey players are generally not known for their looks with their missing teeth, broken noses and numerous scars but these guys managed to keep their looks while playing this tough game.

1) Kirk Muller: Now an assistant coach with the team, Captain Kirk made many a female heart flutter when he played for the Habs in the early 1990s.

2) Jose Theodore: The man who caught the eye of Paris Hilton during an event caught many an eye off the ice.

3) Russ Courtnall: Played for the Habs from 1988-1992 and had a large female following.

4) Roman Hamrlik: This veteran joined the Canadiens during the 2007-08 season. He is a bachelor that has many a girl hoping to be his one.

5) Saku Koivu: Cute, cute, cute and with the heart of a lion. What more could you ask for?

6) Gilbert Delorme: With his baby blues, dark hair and cannon of a shot this guy turned heads.

7) Patrick Poulin: Played with the team for four season and had more of an impact off the ice (with female fans) than he did on.

8) Sheldon Souray: The handsome and robust player who had a Playmate as a wife. Big shot from the point earned him points and his looks won him points with the team's female fans.

9) Pierre Turgeon: His soft hands and great shot distinguished him on the ice while his blue eyes and baby face did the same off.

10) Chad Kilger: A player for the Habs around the turn of the century who never really fulfilled his promise. Though the ladies would have voted against him being traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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