Should You Sleep with a Friend?

Friendship should be a part of any relationship, but does having sex with a person you are a friend with ruin the friendship? This is an age old question. You will find people on both sides of the argument. It is confusing. I will try to make some sense of the issue.

Only you can decide if a relationship between you and a friend is going to work. In this day and age it seems to me that successful relationships – ones that work and are not dysfunctional – are hard to come by. So an argument can be made that if you already know that you get along with someone on the friend level then it stands to reason that a relationship with that person has a better chance of lasting. You go into it already knowing their likes and dislikes. There should be fewer surprises.

The issue of the occasional sex or one night stand with a friend is trickier. If you and a friend decide to cross that line from friends to lovers then there are always a few issues to work out. Will it be awkward initially? Will we discover that we are better off as friends? Can we go back to being friends if things don't work out? If it is just a one night stand kind of thing will anyone's feelings be hurt? The most important advice I can give is to talk things over. You don't want miscommunication due to one not knowing how the other feels. This should be a carry over from your friendship. The ability to communicate does not have to stop once you have sex.

Remember there are reprocussions to every action. Very rarely can a friendship last if the relationship doesn't. So be prepared that if you do decide to try it and it doesn't work out that you might be losing a friend.

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