10 Best Dressed Women in Hollywood Today

It seems that how you look and dress is paramount for actresses. We seem to think they are better at their craft if they can put an ensemble together properly. The stars have come to realize this and put plenty of effort into how they look on the red carpet, at movie premiers and even in their everyday look. Stylists to the stars must make a lot of money and be kept very busy. Here is a list in no particular order of the best dressed actresses working today.

1) Nicole Kidman: Her sense of style is impeccable. She knows what looks good on her statuesque frame. Always at the forefront of couture, Nicole Kidman obviously put a lot of effort into how she looks and we reap the benefits of it.

2) Gwyneth Paltrow: Friend to designers like Stella McCartney and now even putting out her own line of clothes, Gwenyth Paltrow is one of Hollywood's best dressers.

3) Sienna Miller: She also has her own clothes line out there and is very daring with what she chooses to wear. Her own stylist she has show she is very knowledgeable about clothes and what looks good on her.

4) Charlize Theron: Not only does she have model looks, but she dresses like a model. Always wearing the highest of fashion while making it look effortless. With her height and looks she can get away with some bold choices and has done so.

5) Reese Witherspoon: Always looking like a petite Southern Belle, Reese does not go out on a limb when it comes to fashion, but manages to make even the safest of choices look fabulous.

6) Anne Hathaway: She is young and just growing into her looks, but lately she has made some wise fashion choices and looked stunning. Due to her young age she can get away with being trendy and seems to choose the best age appropriate pieces from the larger fashion houses.

7) Cate Blanchett: Classy and regal with a splash of daring. Her fashion choices show the same confidence and willingness to take risks she uses to choose her award-winning roles.

8) Kate Winslet: Another starlet who chooses safely and wisely. She plays with the colours of what she wears – going from yellow to midnight blue to basic black – but sticks with a cut that flatters her.

9) Sofia Coppola: This director seems to have an uncanny ability to pick the best pieces from all the big labels and then put them together to look stunning.

10) Jennifer Aniston: Natural beauty is what her fashion sense is all about. She dresses like the girl next door making fashion seem accessible to us mere mortals.

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