Revenge…A Dish Better Served Cold

Have you been cheated on? Have you caught your husband with his secretary or your wife with the sexy pool boy? Do you feel as if your life is over? Do you feel the need for revenge?

Almost all of us have been wronged by a person who claimed to have cared for us. It hurts. So much so that we might even consider exacting revenge against the person who hurt/wronged us. But will revenge make us feel any better?

An ex might have hurt us by cheating or dumping us for someone younger or better looking. Revenge against that person is an option that some consider. Some just move on and try to learn from it while others try to make the other person hurt as much as they been hurt by:

1) Online Rant: The Internet is available to almost any human being on the face of the Earth. Going online and either Twittering or blogging about their despicable behaviour will gain you an audience of hundreds and maybe even thousands. These people will then know what a jerk your ex was. Another option is to post unflattering pictures of your ex online and many will have a good laugh at their expense.

2) Air Their Dirty Laundry: Tell your friends and their friends about your ex's behaviour. Word of mouth is a quick and powerful weapon.

3) Sell, Destroy or Give Away All Their Things: While your former love is out of the house give away or sell all that matters to them. Some scorned wives have gone on huge shopping sprees and used their husbands credit cards or poured paint over their prized BMWs.

While all these things might make you feel better for a short period they will not fix your broken heart. I am no expert but I have always believed that the best form of revenge (and probably the healthiest) is to go on and live well. If you open your heart to the hate then your ex will have won. Keep your head high and be proud of yourself. Living well and looking great will be the best form of revenge. It might even make the person think twice about what they did to you and isn't that all that you could have ever asked for.

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