What to Look for When Buying a Watch

A watch is probably the most important accessory a person owns. Your watch, whether you believe it or not, says a lot about you to other people. Here are a list of things to know or look for when buying a watch:

1) Movement: Any part of the watch that moves. The pieces of a watch that move are the things that keep the watch working.

2) Quartz: Quartz watches are powered by batteries and regulated by the movements of a quartz crystal. This is the most accurate of all watch types. That does not mean, however, that it is the best type to buy.

3) Self-Winding: A mechanical watch that is wound by the wearer's movements. It is thought of as an automatic watch.

4) Water-Resistant: Because a watch is listed as water resistant does not mean it is safe to swim or shower with it on.

5) Complication: Anything extra that your watch does. Like have a calendar or a stopwatch.

Next week I will have a list of the classics when it comes to watches.

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