Bride Wars – Blu-ray Edition

I have never been one to object to watching so-called 'chick flicks', but this film goes to places I cannot swallow. It is fine to have a film about women in the pursuit of the 'perfect' wedding – I see that as being ripe with comedic possibilities as things start going wrong. We all can share in a laugh about that. What this film does is cross the line between funny and damaging to women.

Liv (Kate Hudson – How to Lose a Man in 10 Days, Raising Helen) and Emma (Anne Hathaway – Rachel Getting Married, Becoming Jane) have been friends their whole lives. Almost as long the two best friends have been dreaming about their wedding days. They both have dreamt of getting married at New York's Plaza Hotel. Now as grown women they both get engaged within days of each other. They are ecstatic to be now planning their weddings together. That ecstasy will be shortlived.

Wanting only the best and fuelled by their longheld dreams the two head off to the office of famed wedding planner, Marion St. Clair (Candice Bergen – from television's Boston Legal). Leaving her office after getting seemingly everything they wanted – a summer wedding at the Plaza Hotel – the two women couldn't be happier. Their happiness comes crashing down when they find out that their weddings have accidentally been booked for the same day. Though the easy solution would be one of the women stepping down and getting married later or at a different location, neither will budge. This begins the two friends trying everyway possible to sabotage the wedding of the other. The friendship is broken and each goes ahead with their wedding. Will the fact that they are paying too high a price for the 'perfect' wedding ever strike either?

Yes, even today a wedding is a day that some women dream about all their lives. It is a time of great pressure and chaos. Some crack under that pressure. But this film takes this a step too far. In a damaging way. The lame jokes and clichés in the film are no longer funny as a result. And even though this film stars two of the most popular and likable actress (tsk, tsk to both Kate and Anne) working in Hollywood today it did not do well at the box office. I believe that the reason is that the film is in its essence and insidious stereotyping of women. I invite you to watch (against my better judgement) and be the judge of it.

Special Features:
-Something Old, Something New and What That's Gonna Cost You
-Deleted Scenes
-Meet Me at the Plaza
-The Perfect White Dress
-In Character with Kate Hudson
-In Character with Anne Hathaway
-Man Den
-Maid of Honor
-Amanda – Cam
-Fox on Blu-ray

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