Mutek 2009 – Wrap-Up

By the time that the last note had sounded out at the 10th edition of Mutek it was already announced to be an unqualified success. Ambitiously the Mutek organizers sought to enlarge the scope of their festival by introducing some innovative new programming and it was greeted with approval from Mutek attendees. The new additions included a mural display (Extra_Muros) throughout the city, the multi-media spectacle that was Atom and Digi_Section. All this together reinforced the fact that Montreal is capable of hosting large events and does it well.

If you want numbers then tickets sales was up 50% or 18,000 tickets sold in total. Between the ticketed events and the free ones over 70,000 people took in something at Mutek. This is a new Mutek attendance record and is quite impressive for a 5 day festival.

The Mutek organizers innovative spirit has been rewarded. They have succeeded in ensuring that Montreal stays on the map as vital cultural city of the world. Mutek has developed new partnerships with places like Place des Arts and the Old Port of Montreal. All these ambitious new aspects and still Mutek was still able to attract some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry. Artists like tobias., Mala, Carl Craig, Thomas Fehlmann, and Ricardo Villalobos came and shared their talents with all in rainy or shiny conditions.

This edition of Mutek will give organizers the great energy required and the inspiration to continue on with what they are trying to accomplish. One day we will reap the benefits of them bringing to us what they are trying to accomplish, year by year – the perfect electronic music festival.

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