Sarah Slean

This was my first time seeing a show at The Savoy at Metropolis. I have to start off the review by saying that if you have an opportunity to see a show there grab it. The room is small and intimate with great acoustics. It really is the perfect spot to get up close and personal with an artist. Now Sarah Slean is all about up close and personal.

If you have never seen Sarah Slean live before you are in for quite a treat. She is quite different from most performers. First of all, she is the first performer I've ever been to see who started their show early. The time on the ticket was 8:00 and Sarah walked onto stage promptly at 7:50. She then told us that she was sick, but would struggle through the show. Well, if that was her struggling it was amazing. The woman is incredibly talented and her voice sounded great. Despite saying her nose was all stuffed she never hit a flat note. Her head voice is incredible.

This tour is dubbed the Recessionista Tour and is her effort to reduce her carbon imprint on the Earth. She is traveling sans band and each show she is wearing a dress fabricated out of second hand clothes. The dress will then be auctioned off on Ebay and the money raised will be given to the David Suzuki Foundation.

Sarah Slean is a 'different' type of performer. She is full of drama onstage and it is almost as if she takes on the personas of the characters she sings about. Definitely on the zany side, but never boring. There was plenty of chatter between songs. She is quirky, funny and had the crowd hanging on her every word.

Like I said the woman can probably sing the phonebook and it would sound great. A great voice, an amazing arranger and an uncanny ear all add up to her making all songs she chooses to sing sound amazing. It must also be recognized that the woman is an incredible piano player. She just seems to glide over the keys. Her piano solos really added to the evening. This is a performer who is really married to her instrument; she and the piano make a great pair.

You will never walk away from a Sarah Slean concert disappointed. She is eccentric and charismatic and supremely talented. Canada seems to have an endless supply of talent. It was a magical evening.


1) Euphoria
2) California
3) Eliot
4) Suzanne (Leonard Cohen cover)
5) Black Flowers (Lynn Miles cover)
6) So Many Miles
7) Material Girl (Madonna cover)
8) Parasol
9) Notes From the Underground
10) Get Home
11) Twin Moon
12) Please Be Good to Me
13) Sweet Ones
14) Edelweiss

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