Generation Kill

HBO has done it again. They keep making high quality television. Series or mini series it makes no difference. They keep making stuff that matters. And is riveting.

"Generation Kill" is a 7-part miniseries about the Iraq Invasion. We see Iraq from the point of view of the First Reconnaissance Battalion, an elite Marine unit. This is for those interested in the military and those just interested in human history.

The soldiers in this miniseries show us how they have become friends, rely on their faith and are angry. We see them as complete human beings with flaws and strengths. Based on a non-fiction book by author Evan Wright, this is an inside look into our most contemporary of conflicts. Interesting, horrifying, funny, scary – it is everything it should be.

Special Features:
-Interactive Experiences
-Generation Kill: A Conversation with 1st Recon Marines
-Making Generation Kill
-Eric Ladin's Video Diaries
-Deleted Dialogues
-Episode Recaps

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