DLR Band

This album was originally released in 1998, but is now being made available on ITunes. DLR stands for David Lee Roth and the album is pure David. Full of bravado and over-the-topness, you'll feel like you are listening to some old Van Halen while this is playing. But the songs on the album just miss being those classic arena rock anthems that Van Halen used to churn out in their sleep.

David Lee Roth is still full of charisma and slightly sleazy, but if you are a fan this won't bother you one bit. He is what he is and he makes no apologies. Sometimes his voice cannot quite hit those crazy notes like it used to, but, hey, none of us are as young as we used to be. His backing band is good, but the songs are missing something. Maybe a little Eddie Van Halen is it? Still fun to listen to.

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