Oumou Sangare

A superstar in her native Mali, Oumou Sangare is becoming known throughout the rest of the world as well. Her live performances have won her many a fan. Now she is releasing another album hoping to reach those who have not seen her live.

Sangare has been at it for roughly 20 years with her first album release being in 1990. She is an artist who uses her music to liberate (her fellow female Malians) and educate. A musical activist, the call-to-action lyrics combined with her use of traditional instruments equals an authentic sounding album. Though the songs are definitely Malian sounding each one is different.

Because she is a mature artist Sangare is able to jump from mood to mood in her songs and still make them feel legitimate. The album demonstrates her to be a confident and sometimes funny singer. Even though most of us listening do not speak her language this woman is able to convey what she is feeling.

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