Do Open Relationships Work?

do open relationships work2For many even today being non-monogamous relationships seems unhealthy and immoral. Human beings believe they are wired to be with one person at a time and any other set up is thought of as just plain wrong. We are only supposed to have sex with our partners. It is not thought of as healthy to go outside the relationship to hook up with other people.

Well, for some people open relationships are how they roll. Most everyone will agree that it is normal to be attracted to others even while in a relationship. It does take a special person or couple to allow the other to act on that attraction. Some say that it helps their main relationship to have sex outside of it. It makes the person feel more sexy and desirable to the opposite sex. That in turn makes them feel more sexual and secure in their own relationship. Having sex with different people and the myriad of sexual experiences that it entails brings more fun and adventure into your main relationship.

You cannot go into an open relationship all willy nilly; there does have to be some ground rules established. Some examples could be: agreeing to try out an open relationship for a set amount of time, like 3 months, and then evaluate how both partners feel about it at that time, always engage in safe sex, no sex with mutual friends, tell your partner who you are with and when, open communication at all times, the encounters would be purely sexual and nothing deeper, or remaining discreet about the open relationship.

Open relationships are harder on the males in regards to finding partners. The woman will find many available men interested in having a one-night stand. They usually just have to go online to find many options. For the men it is not so easy and they usually have to go through the traditional ways to meet women, which takes more time and effort.

The existence of functional open relationships does put into question several things we have thought for many years: the fact that women can have casual sex without being emotionally attached, women have sex drives and healthy ones at that, what is cheating, and how this type of relationship might actually have the effect of empowering women.

We can’t be judgemental about how other people run their relationships. It’s not for us to say what is right and wrong for others. Admittedly, successful open relationships are few and far between. Jealousy and envy usually creep in. Psychologically, the situation is better suited to the male psyche, so often women don’t see the potential benefits in it.

Just remember that as long as both of the partners are in agreement this is a situation that could sustain a relationship.

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