Zombie Strippers

No matter what you think of this film you have to admit they don't go about trying to hide what they are all about. It is a mix of girls stripping and a b-movie zombie flick. There is no attempt to hide this is a bad film. You are warned from the get go…come on the title is Zombie Strippers and stars popular porn actress Jenna Jameson! What did you expect?

A secret government agency lets out a deadly chemical virus which brings the dead back to life – as zombies. The first place that the virus hits is Rhino's – an underground strip club. One of the strippers (Jenna Jameson) is bitten and contracts the virus. Kat becomes a supernatural, flesh-eating zombie stripper. Thing is the clients love her and some of the other strippers are jealous.

Ian (Robert Englund – Urban Legend, Freddie's Dead: The Final Nightmare), the club owner who knows about the zombies, is torn as his club is making money and so he supplies the zombies with food (humans) and then locks them up once they become zombies. And the other strippers debate the pros and cons of becoming zombies as well as they to want to be star strippers.

The film is full of two of men's favourite things: naked women and flesh-eating zombies. They even go so far as to combine the two things creating characters that are strippers who are also zombies.

That is where the review should end. It is not a film in which we should discuss camera angles, acting, story, or editing. That is all irrelevant in a film like this. Zombie Strippers is ridiculous, but filled with everything the title claims it will be.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
-The Champagne Room: Behind the Scenes of Zombie strippers
-The Dressing Room: How to Glam a Zombie
-Previews of Blu-ray Disc is High Definition, Boogeyman 3, Vacancy 2: The First Cut, Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach, Resident Evil: Degeneration, Termination Point, The Art of War II: Betrayal, Felon, The Lazarus Project, Linewatch, Anaconda 3: Offspring, Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, The Fall, Tortured, Insanitarium, Grudge 3, The Tattooist, Moscow Zero, Buried Alive, Fearneat.com, and American Crude

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