Fear not dear fans as those rumours of a band breakup is not happening…for now at least. Despite the fact that each of the five members of the band has engaged in side projects since the release of Alexisonfire's last CD release they seem to have come back together with a renewed vigor.

Though they are older and wiser sounding on this CD it still seems like they love what they are doing. Their first three albums were highly successful and this one continues down that road. They are definitely sticking more with a punk rock sound on Old Crows/Young Cardinals. The emo, hardcore and punk genres are as far as they wander. Again, fear not as there is still plenty of melody stirred into this musical pot.

Bandmembers Wade, George and Dallas all take turns with the vocals. The interplay between the three voices on the same track makes it quite interesting to listen to and builds different layers. They all have different vocal styles and as such each adds different emotions to the parts they sing.

This is most certainly an attention grabber and emotional outing from Alexisonfire.

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