Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour

This is a kind of family horror film. There is no real violence, gore or sex. While there are some creepy or scary moments theoretically a family of a certain age could sit down and watch it together. A clean horror film that is more like an old fashioned ghost story.

In the small town of Pine Valley, Sarah Landon (Rissa Walters – first film) is staying in the guesthouse of her deceased friend's grandmother. After a couple of days Sarah finds out the town has its own deep dark secret. The curious type she finds herself in the middle of a haunting involving two brothers, Matt (Dan Comrie – first film) and David (Rick Comrie – first film), a ghost and a local psychic.

The local legend says that the whatever is going to happen will happen between midnight and 1 a.m. – a time considered to be the paranormal hour.

Despite the fact that the film and its director, Lisa Comrie (first film), and her whole family (family members star in the film – Dan and Rick and John wrote the film) seem to have good intentions they don't add up to a good film. The acting for the most part is weak and the low budget really hampers the look of the film. While the concept behind the film is an interesting one the script is poorly written. Might be a good film to put on during a teen Halloween party or the like.

Special Features:
-Previews of CJ7 and Taking 5
-Frida's Psychic Reading Game

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