A Woman Called Golda

The interesting mix of one legend playing another. Two strong females make up this story. Golda Meir and Ingrid Bergman make quite a tag team and when one plays the other you've got quite a combination.

This is the story of the mother of Israel, Golda Meir. It is a story based on fact. A winner of 3 Emmy Awards (Outstanding Drama Special, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Special and Outstanding Film Editing for a Limited Series or a Special). The life story of Golda Meir is about one of the more important women in history.

Golda Meir, born in Russia, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and beginning as a young child she dreamt of wanting to help the Jewish people and build a home for them. She and her husband Morris Meyerson (Leonard Nimoy – Land of the Lost, Star Trek) move to Palestine to live and work in a kibbutz. Once there Golda continues her struggle through tough times, war, personal sacrifice, and political action in order to establish a nation for the Jewish people.

Ingrid Bergman does a marvellous job making Golda Meir stubborn, intelligent and human. This wonderful performance is made all that much more incredible by the fact that Bergman's body was wracked with cancer and she was in a huge amount of pain during the entire filming process.

We learn of the price that this woman paid for her people. She made every sacrifice and never gave up. Her selflessness and dignity is amazing. It is realistically made in that there are tragedies right alongside the triumphs.

A good film in which you can learn about how one person can make a difference.

Special Features:
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