Iron and Wine

This double CD gives true fans what they really are itching for – rare material. The 23 songs on this CD are from early recording sessions that Iron and Wine (Sam Beam) did from 2002 until 2007. "Around the Well" is divided into two sections with the first being very mellow home recordings which are unedited and the second is filled with songs featuring different engineers, friends and guest artists.

If you are not an Iron and Wine fiend do not let that scare you off as newcomers can enjoy the material as well. The first half will probably be most appealing to fans, but the second part is full of new songs that no one has heard yet and as such you will be discovering them together for the first time. What newcomers and fans alike will find astounding is that some of these songs did not make it onto a previously released album as it is some of his strongest material.

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