Beyonce Concert Preview

The woman has been everywhere lately. You turn on the radio and you hear her latest single, you go to department stores and find her clothes label, you open any magazine and you'll see her as a model for L'Oreal and Tommy Hilfiger, and you go to your local cineplex and see her face on the big screen. Multi-talented and determined, Beyoncé is everywhere. What she did first and, in my opinion, what she does best is sing.

During the 90s Beyoncé was part of the girl group Destiny's Child and they were hugely popular. Churning out hit after hit they became one of the biggest musical acts of the decade. In 2003, while the group was on a break, Beyoncé released her first solo album "Dangerously in Love". It was a huge hit and spurned the singles "Crazy in Love" and "Baby Boy". She also won 5 Grammy Awards for the album. When Destiny's Child broke up in 2005 Beyoncé continued on as a solo act. She released "B'Day" and then her latest "I Am…Sasha Fierce". Beyoncé is now one of the biggest female solo acts on the planet.

The "I Am…Sasha Fierce" world tour is taking its second swing through Montreal. The woman is a top class entertainer. On stage she is full of swagger and intensity. Possessing a powerful voice that is rarely off key even when doing intricate dance moves.

Additional Information:
-Ticket Purchase:
-Ticket Prices: $25.75, $69.75, $99.75, $125.75, $250.75 (plus taxes and service charges)
-Show Time: 7:30 p.m.
-Opening Act: Eva Avila

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