10 Hottest Vacations Spots Summer 2009

Traveling is healthy. It is your time to get away from everyday stresses and recharge your battery. Vacation time also a great time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. You will also create memories that will last a lifetime.

Summer is definitely the time for travel for most people. We all look to get away and relax on foreign beaches or discover new countries. Despite the fact that most of the world is in a recession it is actually a great time to travel as prices (flights, cruises and hotels have all lowered prices in the hopes of attracting people) have been cut. Here are some places you should consider once you have decided to travel as they are hot destinations for summer 2009.

1) Reef Atlantis, Bahamas: This all-inclusive resort features a four-star hotel located on the island of Nassau. It features white sand along its miles of ocean water beaches. There are plenty of varieties of tropical fish to observe if snorkelling interests you. The resort also has 11 lagoons, artificial coral reefs, 11 swimming pools, 5 waterslides, and underwater tunnels in which you can observe the sharks. In regards to nightlife there is a casino, 20 restaurants and bars, a babysitting service, 24-hour room service, and even a film developing service.

2) Copacabana Beach, Brazil: In Rio de Janeiro this beach has one of the best reputations worldwide. Behind it you get a great view of some rolling hills while you are working on your tan. On this beach it does not matter if it is day or night music and dancing happens practically 24/7. It is a beach where anything can happen at any time.

3) Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, United States: Located in the state of Pennsylvania this upscale resort is located on 2,800 wooded acres and is open year round. There are a multitude of outdoor activities to take part in. It is the nice place for families as there are plenty of activities like horseback riding, 5 pools, fly fishing, culinary classes, shooting lessons, and golf simulators. There are several different types of places to stay at Nemacolin like hotels, lodges, country inns, chateaus, townhouses, and even 20 spots for RVs to park. Conde Nast Traveller magazine picked the spa at Nemacolin Woodlands as the top in the country.

4) Caribbean/Eastern Mexico Cruises: No matter what cruise line you choose the most popular destination is the Caribbean/Eastern Mexican runs. If you are able to wait until the last minute then you can get really good deals this year as they would rather sell at discounted prices than run their cruises half empty. Cruises are good for all ages as the ships have everything you could imagine like theatres, casinos, shows, excursions, restaurants, and shopping.

5) Martha's Vineyard, United States: Located in Massachusetts, this is always a popular place but this year the interest has skyrocketed as it is rumoured to be where the Obamas are going to spend their vacation. People are going hoping to catch a glimpse of Barack, Michelle and the girls. Martha's Vineyard has always been known as the playground of the rich and as such the prices are not cheap but the accommodations can be luxurious. The island is also known to be laid-back and family friendly.

6) Whistler, Canada: This part of British Columbia is about to become quite bustling as it will be one of the cities that will host the 2010 Winter Olympics. Whistler is known as one of the best ski and snowboarding locations in the world but there is also plenty of things to do during the summer. There are tons of hiking and mountain biking trails available. The mountainside community is busy all year round and is also a great destination for singles.

7) New York City, United States: This past year the Big Apple has been one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. No big surprise, I guess. New York has tons of entertainment options with Broadway shows being the most popular. Restaurants, professional sports teams, shopping, museums, clubs, and anything else you could think of New York has.

8) Mayan Riviera, Mexico: Despite the swine flu scare people are still heading over to Mexico. You can choose either Cancun or Cozumel. Beach and ocean activities are the order of the day here with spectacular snorkelling and scuba diving options on the Great Maya Reef.

9) St. Tropez, France: This has been a celebrity magnet for years now. All the big stars have vacationed in St. Tropez. Located in the south of France and features beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. There's plenty of fun to be had on the beach, in the clubs and at the restaurants that feature great French cuisine. No privacy here but you are guaranteed plenty of action.

10) Boracay Island, Philippines: One of the hottest vacation spots in Asia. It features beautiful white sand beaches and is a great place to just laze about. There are not a lot of people to bump into as the population of the entire island is 5,200. The beach is narrow at only 1 kilometre wide and 7 kilometres long. One interesting feature is all the sandy bays around the island. While you are there make sure you pick up one of their famous white puka shells as they are said to be the best in the world.

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