Echelon Conspiracy – Blu-ray Edition

An attempt at a spy-thriller film…emphasis on the attempt part. While it is not awful it is not good either. There is too much cheesiness and clichés to be any more generous. Let's give it a medium rating.

Max Peterson (Shane West – Red Sands, A Walk to Remember), a computer expert from Nebraska, is on a business trip in Bangkok when he gets a package containing a state-of-the-art cell phone. Next he starts receiving weird messages that promise him lots of money, but rather than that he finds himself in the middle of an international conspiracy. It seems as if the American government has created a super computer for the good of national security that seems to have the adverse effect. He now finds himself being pursued by a group of government and has to travel across the globe trying to unravel the conspiracy. The future of all mankind hangs in the balance.

A big flaw with the script is the failed attempts at humour. All the stuff that is supposed to be funny falls flat; it even verges on childish at times. The story is nothing that you have not seen before in that it is kinda like "Eagle Eye" or "Enemy of the State" and the like. It is all done with a much smaller budget, however. There are also several holes and unanswered questions in the storyline. You'll be scratching your head after certain scenes. It's too bad because despite the familiarity this film could have been a fun summer diversion. All the weak points add up to a film that is released straight-to-DVD instead of having a theatrical release.

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