"Humpday" was a hit at this year's Sundance film festival and for good reason. Most will go into this film about two straight guys who decide to make a gay porn film starring themselves and expect a crass comedy. The expectations will be that this is a low-brow comedy a la "Zack and Miri Make a Porno", but "Humpday" is a whole lot more than that.

Two lifelong friends, Andrew (Joshua Leonard – The Blair Witch Project, Men of Honor) and Ben (Mark Duplass – The Puffy Chair), have lives that have gone in the complete polar opposite directions. Ben has a job, is married to Anna (Alycia Delmore), is trying to have a baby with his wife, and owns a house while Andrew is an artist who has traveled the world and never really finished a job. They have not seen each other for a couple of years and when Andrew shows up in the middle of night on Ben's doorstep they fall back into their own ways of jokes and one upmanship.

Ben invites Andrew to stay with them for a while. Soon Ben finds himself a little envious of Andrew's carefree life. While out with Andrew one evening (while Anna waits at home with her famous pork chops getting cold) at a party that involves plenty of pot and is hosted by sexually adventurous lesbians, the two friends find out about a amateur porn festival called "Humpday". One thing leads to another and Ben and Andrew find themselves vowing to make a gay porn film involving themselves as the lead actors. Two heterosexual friends making a gay porn. Who will blink first? And what will Anna think about this?

Male friendship has never been looked at from this vantage point before. The idea of two straight guys having sex and then maintaining their friendship is an interesting one. It is sweet, honest and funny. There is plenty of heart to it and it does not take itself too seriously. That being said, the dialogue in this film is its strength and it hits home. Maybe that is because it was all improvised. The actors in this film just went in with the frame of the picture and created all the dialogue themselves. They make the idea of two heterosexual male friends making a gay porno film believable. It is very refreshing to see believable characters in a film.

Another fantastic element of the film is that the fourth wall is completely broken down and you feel no separation between yourself and what's going on onscreen. You feel like you are a part of what's happening. Reality is taken to the next level.

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