Reno 911! The complete Sixth Season

Crazy and absurd are the two words I can think of to best describe this Comedy Central series. This is a cop show like no other. The Reno Sheriff's Department is the setting and the odd cops that make up its roster are the characters. It is comedy in the broadest sense of the word. What is very interesting about the show is that most of it is improvised, so you are never really sure what's going to happen.

Episode 1: Training Day: Have the Deputies survived the taco stand incident? It is touch and go.

Episode 2: Extradition to Thailand: Jones and Garcia have to transport a murderer to Thailand, but the flight becomes a little bumpy.

Episode 3: Digging with the Murderer, Part 1: Lieutenant Dangle hosts a murder mystery party.

Episode 4: Digging with Murderer, Part 2: The Nevada Historical Society Center will never be the same after this murder mystery party.

Episode 5: We Don't Want the Pope: The Reno Sheriff's office has been chosen to give the Pope's people an advance tour.

Episode 6: VHS Transfer Memory Lane: A flashback episode to earlier days at the Reno Sheriff's office

Episode 7: Helping Mayor Hernandez: Mayor Hernandez requires help with a very delicate situation.

Episode 8: Getaway Trailer: Rizzo and Wiegel find themselves trapped inside of a trailer.

Episode 9: Stoner Jesus: The touring company of Jesus Christ Superstar causes some trouble for the Deputies.

Episode 10: Deputy Dance: Director Levon French is hired to shoot a recruitment video

Episode 11: Viacom Grinch: The Deputies make busts at children's parties due to illegal toys.

Episode 12: The Midnight Swingers: Raineesha and Jonesy are assigned to work undercover at a swinger's club.

Episode 13: Secret Santa: Weird lights are seen over the desert and shortly afterwards unnamed, unfamiliar Deputies start showing up.

Episode 14: Wiegel's Couple's Therapy: Being single will not deter Wiegel from attending couple's therapy; she just has to find someone to go with her.

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