10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

What could be more stylish than man's best friend? Ever wondered which dog breed is purchased the most? Wonder no more as here is the list of the Top 10 breeds for 2009 done by the American Kennel Club:

1) Labrador Retriever – This medium sized dog is bread to have a great and even temperament. The perfect family dog. Used by hunters and also the preferred pets of families.

2) Yorkshire Terriers – Originally used in mines to hunt out the rats. Now are smaller and part of the Toy group. Stars like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton own Yorkies. Because they are small they are easy to carry around with you.

3) German Shepherd – Are used in a large variety of work roles as well as being popular pets. They are quite large but despite their size they are quite agile. German Shepherds are active and need plenty of exercise to channel that energy towards.

4) Golden Retriever – Known to be gentle, friendly, intelligent, and eager to please. This makes them an attractive pet for people with young kids. Love to retrieve and will play fetch for hours.

5) Beagle – They love company and are excitable, but are great companions. Can be standoffish with new people causing them to bark or howl. This makes them great guard dogs.

6) Boxer – Popularity has steadily grown over the past 100 years. Despite their imposing physical build they are great with children. Known to be friendly, patient and energetic.

7) Daschund – These loyal and loving dogs have been the stars in several films, like "Toy Story". Not the breed of dog for everyone as they are not easy to train. They can be stubborn and selfish.

8) Bulldogs – They are strong, but not mean. Actually they are gentle and rarely bark. Not recommended for first time dog owners because they need a particular amount of care, exercise and grooming.

9) Poodles – Both the Standard and Miniature poodle have been popular with the rich and famous for many years. Have now become popular with every socioeconomic group. They are loyal and very intelligent dogs.

10) Shih Tzu – A breed that was developed over one thousand years ago. Chinese Royalty bred them as showpieces and companions. Because of the density and length of their coat they need a lot of grooming.

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