I Love You, Man – Blu-ray Edition

I expected another stupid guy-oriented film what I got instead was Paul Rudd being as cute as a button and Jason Segal being outrageously hilarious. I read that much of the stuff in the film was unscripted and the scenes with these tow guys together were largely adlibbed. Lots of laugh out loud moments in this film. It is also heartwarming and more relatable than most comedies nowadays. It also gets bonus points for not lowering itself to crass comedy.

Peter (Paul Rudd – Role Models, Night at the Museum) gets engaged to his girlfriend, Zooey (Rashida Jones – Little Black Book, Full Frontal). She is the woman of his dreams and he is a very attentive boyfriend. So attentive that he realizes that he does not have any male friends and doesn't really have anyone he can invite to be a part of his wedding party. Wanting to not 'ruin' the ceremony for Zooey, Peter quickly, with the help of his mother (Jane Curtain – The Shaggy Dog – 2006, Antz) and brother (Andy Samberg – from television's Saturday Night Live), goes about trying to get some guy friends.

At an open house he is hosting (Peter is a real estate agent) Peter makes the acquaintance of Sydney (Jason Segel – Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall). He instantly likes Sydney's blunt honesty and carefree ways. They soon begin to bond over things like the rock group Rush and fish tacos. Everything is going great until Zooey starts getting a little jealous of the time the two friends are spending together. When Zooey moves out to stay with her friend Denise (Jaime Pressly – from television's My Name is Earl) and her obnoxious husband Barry (Jon Favreau – Open Season, Iron Man), Peter realizes that he is going to have a difficult choice to make.

I have always been a Paul Rudd fan. But I've kinda felt that most of the films he has chosen to do are not up to his talent level. The guy can act and is cute, but has been in some duds. This is definitely the type of film he should be looking to do.

No one overdoes their character to much. I mean Sydney is supposed to be out there and Barry is supposed to obnoxious. Is there anyone out there who is better at playing disgusting or annoying characters than Jon Favreau? The guy is a master at these types of roles. Even Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) is funny as himself.

It is one of those rare comedies in which both sides of the date can enjoy it. The type of film in which both men and women will find something to appreciate about it. These types of films are getting rarer and rarer nowadays. A good date film.

Special Features:
-The Making of I Love You, Man
-Extended Scenes
-Deleted Scenes
-Gag Reel
-Red Band Trailer

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