Rudo y Cursi – Blu-ray Edition

Despite the fact that you can predict the outcome of this story from a mile away due to the charisma of the two leads you can forgive it. Reuniting again after their success years back with "Y Tu Mama Tambien", Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal instill plenty of oomph (as we say in the business) into their characters and as a result make this broad comedy quite enjoyable.

Beto (Diego Luna – Milk, Frida) and Tato (Gael Garcia Bernal – Babel, The Motorcycle Diaries) work together in their native Mexico on a banana plantation. Like most siblings they have a love/hate relationship. Their large extended family is of the peasant class and they can barely make ends meet. Their fortunes change when a soccer scout named Batuta (Guillermo Francella) recognizes that despite their advanced ages that they are great soccer players. Beto is a goalie and Tato is a striker.

Eventually the brothers are recruited for different professional teams in Mexico City. Half brothers Beto and Tato become to-the-death rivals on the soccer pitch when they go head to head against each other. At these moments it becomes every man for himself and soccer allegiances are thicker than blood. Their careers go through ups and downs. For instance, Tato loves women and singing. He would give up his soccer career in a heartbeat to be a singer, but the only problem is that he cannot sing. Beto has a gambling problem. He would do anything to hide his problem and the debts that accumulate as a result. The brothers have to learn how to keep these problems in check so they do not ruin their soccer careers.

Unlike many films the two main characters are given the chance to really develop in front of our eyes. We understand, even though we might not agree with, every decision they make. This comes as a result of a great script. The script and acting is so engaging that even though the story is completely impossible it is rendered plausible because of the curveballs that keep being thrown at these two brothers. The ups and downs of their lives make it believable and keep us invested. That plus the charisma of the two leads makes this a film well worth investing time in.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
-Making Of
-"I Want You to Want Me" Music Video and Karaoke Version

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