Eatrip @ Montreal World Film Festival

Japanese native Yuri Nomura makes her directorial debut with "Eatrip," a documentary about food and how people relate to it. She has studied cooking, developed menus for restaurants and writes for culinary magazines, which brought her to the realization that the way to people's feelings is through their stomachs.

The documentary introduces the viewers to people from all walks of life in Japan and explores their own unique perspectives on what food means to them and a sharing of special memories attached to some of their favorite dishes. Naoko Morioka, a housewife living in Okinawa has no refrigerator and grows her own food. Even though she doesn't have the many conveniences that the city life offers, she is content in living a very simple life. The documentary also questions a popular Japanese singer UA about her relationship with food followed by German fashion designer Jurgen Lehl. A well-known senior priest is also interviewed and offers up a really unique perspective about the experience of enjoying food, suggesting that we should take time to be in the present moment and really make eating a spiritual experience. Other perspectives offered by another lady, stating that today people are hooked on fast food and they are missing out on some of the more traditional and healthy foods that their parents and grand-parents grew up on.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Japanese tea ceremony, drinking tea is a spiritual experience. The director shows a well-known Japanese actor who visits a place where tea is prepared in a special way and a ceremony is performed. It is also an opportunity for the individual to relax and just be in the moment to savor the flavors of the tea. It's really fascinating to see.

Overall a very nice documentary to view. Interesting interviews, colorful images of food being prepared and even some humor added to it. If you enjoy food (who doesn't right?) and are interested in learning a bit about the Japanese culture, you will surely enjoy this film.

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