Courting Condi @ Montreal World Film Festival

When I first saw this documentary listed in the official program of the MWFF, I was surprised to see a documentary about former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and was curious to see what it would reveal about her. It was not what I expected.

Devin Ratray is a musician who used to dream of being in a band and now he's dreaming of winning over Condi's heart. The documentary begins with Devin telling his parents that he's in love with Condi and that he's composed a disc of love songs just for her. They think he is crazy and basically ask him if he's lost his mind.

This does not deter his desire to meet her so he begins his journey by visiting her hometown and talking to her friends and former schoolteachers. They reveal that she was religious, well spoken and came from a middle class family. Her parents were very encouraging and told her she could be whatever she wanted.

Devin then heads off to Denver where Condoleezza spent her teen years. He finds out that she was an excellent student and very interested in music. Devin asks some of her mentors and friends if music is the way to her heart. They say that it can be. So Devin continues to meet people that once knew her.

After speaking with some former colleagues, Devin is a bit shaken because of the negative things that they say about some of her prior conduct when working with them and how she dealt with issues related to 9/11. Things get even more uncomfortable for him when the director sets up a meeting with Condi's former fiancé Rick Upchurch (ex-football star).

As he gets closer to meeting her, things don't quite go according to plan. On the road of love, there are detours but Devin is not one to give up so easily.

This documentary was interesting. Different…but this different is good. It had some funny moments and revealed some interesting facts about Ms.Rice. At times you may find yourself being sympathetic and during other moments wonder why in the world he is pursuing someone that is so difficult to reach. But when it comes to love, people act in funny ways sometimes. Preparing a disc with love songs for Condi is a bit of a stretch and what guts he has because he actually mailed it to her. So the big question is… will Devin get to meet his ladylove??? You'll have to see it to find out. Also keep an eye out for a brief appearance by "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier

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