Mike Judge (Office Space, Beavis and Butthead do America) has a serious interest in the working place in all its forms. With his cult hit "Office Space" he poked fun at the drudgery that is the cubicle office milieu. With his latest film he is looking at the ripe for comedy environment of factory work.

Joel (Jason Bateman – from television's Arrested Development) is the owner of an extract manufacturing plant. They make everything from vanilla to cherry to root beer extract (how many of you knew there was such a thing?). He has quite a comfortable life, financially, as a result. Joel and his wife (Kristen Wiig – from television's Saturday Night Live) live in a beautiful house and he drives a large BMW sedan.

Yet, somehow Joel is not happy. He and his wife rarely ever make love (she gets into her sweatpants at 8:00 and it's goodnight Charlie for Joel) and Ben believes she is bored by what he does. He is thinking of selling the company and retiring early. This really shouldn't pose a problem as his company does well and General Mills seems to be interested in making a bid that will make him a wealthy man.

Things are falling into place for Joel….that is until his soon-to-be floor manager Step (Clifton Collins Jr. – Sunshine Cleaning, Babel) has one of his testicles accidentally sheared off in a workplace accident, he allows his best friend Dean (Ben Affleck – State of Play, He's Just Not That Into You) to give him drugs and talk him into hiring a gigolo (Dustin Milligan – from television's 90210) to pose as a pool cleaner to try and seduce his wife, beautiful con woman Cindy (Mila Kunis – from television's That 70s Show) comes to town to rob, con and generally cause trouble, and his annoying next door neighbour (David Koechner – Drillbit Taylor, Semi-Pro) is always hounding him for something or other.

Mike Judge is known for producing social comedies with his work and this is no exception. He is enthralled by the working class and his characters are almost always of the low-income variety. His look at the assortment of strange characters including one who loses a testicle is just his type of odd. They are not even smart enough to realize that sabotaging the production line hurts no one but themselves.

Harmless but quirky humour is what this film is all about. It will not offend or bore you, but it will not change your life either. It is cool to see a film that does not rely on gross out humour to get its laughs. While it is not nearly the best comedy of the year it is good for a few chuckles.

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