The Betrayed

Though there is nothing unique about this film it is still worth a watch due to the interesting reliance on dialogue-driven scenes and the strong acting by Melissa George (30 Days of Night, Derailed) and Oded Fehr (Resident Evil: Extinction, The Mummy Returns). Almost the entire film relies on their relationship and they render it tension-filled and realistic.

After surviving a big car accident, Jamie Taylor (Melissa George) awakens to find herself imprisoned in some kind of abandoned warehouse. Eventually she is spoken to by a mysterious voice who claims that he has her son (Connor Christopher – Eight Below) and that unless she divulges some information he will kill her son.

The voice tells Jamie that her husband has stolen $40 million dollars from the person he works for and she has to help him recover it. Jamie has to listen to recordings of her family's conversations and use those to try and figure out where her husband hid the money. She doesn't know who to believe anymore. All Jamie does know is that she was given a deadline and it is running out.

What begins as a basic film adds some twists and turns to become something more. More importantly it doesn't try to be more than it is. The relationship between captive and captor becomes captivating as a result. Well-paced, well-acted and filled with tension.

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