Rockers MuteMath have been dubbed the hottest alternative band to come around in a good long while. They came into mainstream consciousness due to their track "Spotlight" from the wildly popular "Twilight" soundtrack. It was a number one single on the Billboard charts in the latter part of 2008. This Continue Reading

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The film is highly anticipated because it was penned by "it" girl Diablo Cody (wrote and won an Academy Award for "Juno") and stars the latest vixen to capture the world's (and by world's I mean the male of the species) attention, Megan Fox. A tongue-in-cheek horror film, the soundtrack Continue Reading


This debut album features a cornucopia of musical styles. From rock, pop, R&B, house, and dance it is all here. Allowing your musical influences to shine through is obviously not an issue for this artist. Kanarek has worked with many DJs, artists and musicians throughout his career and so it Continue Reading