This debut album features a cornucopia of musical styles. From rock, pop, R&B, house, and dance it is all here. Allowing your musical influences to shine through is obviously not an issue for this artist. Kanarek has worked with many DJs, artists and musicians throughout his career and so it is no wonder that some of them have rubbed off onto him.

Also a painter, Kanarek almost has a painterly approach when constructing his music. The emotionality is there to be appraised, felt then discussed and each song works on many different levels. The usual topics of life, relationships, religion, and humanity are explored, but all in a very personal way. We are asked to make an investment and feel while we are listening. You will feel pain, happiness, ecstasy, and awe in the course of listening to the album. The lyrics and music draw you in to Kanarek's world.

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