Various Artists

The film is highly anticipated because it was penned by "it" girl Diablo Cody (wrote and won an Academy Award for "Juno") and stars the latest vixen to capture the world's (and by world's I mean the male of the species) attention, Megan Fox. A tongue-in-cheek horror film, the soundtrack has tracks by some of the hottest alternative rock outfits today. Panic at the Disco, Dashboard Confessional, Cobra Starship, and All Time Low all provide tracks. Some of the songs have previously been released, but I'm sure that won't stop fans of these bands from purchasing it.

The songs are full of young person angst, but a good 8 tracks (out of the 15 on the CD) are solid outings. The rest of the songs are so angst-filled that they become grating and whiney after awhile.

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