The Tiger’s Tail

The title of the film references how between the mid 90's until 2008 that Ireland was referred to as the "Celtic Tiger" because it was doing so well economically. Now that Ireland is in another recession the proverbial tiger has lost its tail. Thankfully the recession has not affected the film production in the country. John Boorman's (The Tailor of Panama, The General) "The Tiger's Tail" is full of good acting, nice photography and a beautiful score.

Liam O'Leary (Brendan Gleeson – In Bruges, Beowulf) is one of Dublin's most successful businessmen who now finds him an outsider in his own life. A stranger who is a carbon copy of Liam and goes around passing himself off as Liam.

O'Leary seems to have everything with all his money, influence, respect, and a beautiful wife. Stress at work is getting to the successful real estate developer and his co-workers believe he is cracking under the pressure. Between the pressures at work and the mystery man appropriating his life Liam is having a rough time of it. All this is causing Liam to question who he really is and to finally address an issue from his past.
The script and story is a basic one, but the actors are talented enough to add some depth to it. Infusing emotion and feelings into the film does wonders for it. Watching these flawed characters work their way through a difficult patch in their lives.

An inside look at modern Irish life. The ups and downs. The good and bad. You will be introduced to the character of the country with this film. The Irish feel like they have lost their soul due to the economic boom. They have always been a poor nation and does not seem to know what to do with its sudden riches. The gap between rich and poor is huge in Ireland. A film that attempts to capture the soul of this great nation.

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