10 Hottest Female Fashion Trends Fall 2009

The economic downturn has affected everyone. The fashion industry definitely felt the effects of the recession and it seems as if they have modified their Fall 2009 trends accordingly. Here, in no particular order, are the hottest trends for this fall for women:

1) Thigh-High Boots: This is the must-have item for the fall. The preconceived notions concerning thigh-high boots seems to have thankfully disappeared. In everything from suede to leather how high boots will climb up your thighs will depend on the wearer.

2) Capes/Cloaks: Not just for vampires or superheroes anymore! Making a fashion comeback is the cape/cloak. From cropped mini capes to lengthy cloaks – any length goes! Even shawls or stoles will be seen on models and on the fashion forward.

3) Leather Clothing: The people at PETA will not be happy about this one! Leather will extend past the usual jacket (which is always in style) this season. Every type of clothing will be found in leather this fall. Shorts, dresses, leggings – you name it they've designed it.

4) The Female Dandy: Think ruffles, jodhpurs and bows on women's clothing and you'll come close to understanding what the female dandy is. Menswear made feminine for women to give it a sexy twist. Using cues from the British regents is key for "getting" this style right.

5) Bulky Knits: This fashion trend has a dual purpose in that it will keep you warm and looking great. Bulky does not have to mean prudish remember. You can wear this style and still manage to show some skin if you choose wisely.

6) Ripped Tights/Stockings: Grunge and/or punk is back with strategically ripped tights being back on the fashion radar. You should not be surprised about this one at all as the ripped jean made a recent comeback.

7) See-Through Clothing: Soft and feminine rather than a raunchy sexual look is what you are going for with this one. Layers and feminine draping are what the designers are drawing up. Think elegance not trashy.

8) Military Fashion: Of course the death of Michael Jackson has something to do with this one. The military jacket will be a staple in many wardrobes this fall. You can feminize it or make it Rock!

9) Pastel Colours: This is in direct reaction to the economic climate. Overpowering colours are just not cool. The lighter colours will actually allow the clothes to last longer with reduced fading occurring. The colours are also safer choices and will allow pieces to fall more in the timeless category.

10) Ripped Jeans: Taking a cue from the frayed jean shorts of the summer, jeans will once again be sporting that strategically ripped look. Sexy, yet cutting edge. This season's jean ripping could go further (in a revealing way) than we've ever previously seen before.

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