David Hickey

Stop right here if you are not open to any New Age stuff because this is what this album is all about. Using 'different' instrumentation like quartz crystal bowls, planet gongs and a Vibraphone, Hickey has made a recording that aims to transport the listener through the solar system. Lofty goal, no? Well, read on…

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, this Canadian has always been fascinated with crystals and has a lifelong love of music. He has managed to combine his two loves to make a career of it. The goal of his music has always been to promote peace, awaken consciousness and unite humans with the planet they reside on. Lofty goals, no? Well, read on…

This is a musical experience that you have to put yourself in the right mindset for. You are supposed to hear and feel (really feel) the music. The vibrations are supposed to cause physical reactions in the listener. The vibe they create certainly is a relaxing one. The tones created by the crystals are amazing. Now I understand the saying "crystal clear". You have to hear it to believe it. He aims to produce soothing, healing and meditative music. It is highly creative music that aims to transport you.

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