Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson

This album works like Yorn is the director and Johansson is the actress. Shouldn't be far out of their wheelhouse, should it? Yorn had gone through a devastating break up in 2006 and this album came out of it. He wanted to make it in the style of a guy/girl or Serge Gainsbourg/Brigette Bardot album.

"Break Up" features 8 original songs written by the duo and a cover of "I Am the Cosmos" originally by Chris Bell. Somehow Yorn brings Johansson up to his level on the album. Her first album was disaster, but this is quite nice. Filled with quiet guitars and not anything you'd hear on a mainstream recording, the album taps into Johansson's potential as a singer. Yorn has suited the music for her smoky voice. He also has a unique sounding voice which is used quite effectively on the album. At times, though, the faults in his voice are annoying, but, hey, that's his schtick.

The song "Relator" is the strongest on the entire album. It has plenty of spunk and you won't be able to stop yourself from snapping your fingers along to it.

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