Mr. Gnome

Scheduled for a November release on vinyl, CD and digitally (ah, the wonders of modern technology), "Heave Yer Skeleton" is the second full-length release from the duo (Nicole Barile and Sam Meister) Mr. Gnome. The band is all about opposites. They give you both the (traditionally) male and female sides of things. They can be quiet or brutally loud. Feature a track that is like a lullaby right next to one filled with psychedelic overtones. They have been compared with a wide variety of artists like Portishead, Sonic Youth, Massive Attack, Cat Power, and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. What they are about does not change on this album as it is filled with pounding, inventive drumming coupled with a soulful female voice. With songs that touch on flying horses, the devil, Armageddon, vampires, ghosts, and other hallucinations you would have to categorize them as lyrically interesting to say the least. Hard to pin down, but easy to like is what you can accurately say about them.

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