Signs That You Are Dating a Loser

Most of us are aware that it is different strokes for different folks. That is especially true when it comes to who we date. One person's prince or princess is the next person's frog. That being said there are some generally accepted flaws that let you know that you are dating at dud. Usually these thing are obvious very early in the relationship. And I believe it is my duty to let in you in on the 10 worst ( in no particular order, of course):

1) They Talk About Their Ex All the Time: Anyone who talks about an ex constantly or has an on again off again person in their life is trouble and you should run the other way. You shouldn't have to compete with history.

2) If You Don't See Each Other On Weekends: That is the time when most people have free time. They, in most cases, should not be at work. If they are busy constantly on the weekends then you might have to ask yourself some questions…seeing someone else? Married?

3) They Don't Introduce You to Their Friends: I think that this one is self-explanatory. Are they embarrassed of you? Of their friends? Whichever the case it spells trouble.

4) Constant Texting or Cell Phone Use on Dates: First, it's rude and second, they are supposed to at least pretend to be interested in you and what you have to say. If they aren't then why are they with you? And why are you with them?

5) Bill Shenanigans: If they are always in the bathroom or doing their nails when the bill comes then they are taking advantage. If they divide it up to the last cent then this is a sign of tightwadness that is surely going to rear its ugly head later. And finally, "forgetting" their wallet only works once.

6) Cutting Off Your Support: The person does not like you spending time with your family or friends. This is a sign that they are trying to control you and it is most certainly not a good sign. If you even find yourself not talking about your family and friends in front of them because you know it will lead to nasty accusations then it's time to cut your losses.

7) They Don't Have Any Money: Let me qualify that statement….they don't spend any money on you. All the money they earn goes towards themselves and they don't even give you the smallest of gifts. Not a good sign.

8) Employment Record: If they have a spotty employment record it could be a sign of having trouble committing or getting along with people. Neither is a quality you want the person you are in a relationship to have. Will you end up supporting them?

9) They Insist on Doing Everything With You: Doing things together is normal. Doing everything together is not. They should not need you to hold their hand every moment of their lives.

10) Rough Treatment: Any kind of physical stuff that hurts you is not cool! It should never be an issue! Don't even accept it once because that opens a door you don't want to.

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