Go Diego Go! Diego’s Mega Mission

Not only do you get three Diego episodes per disc in this collection, but they are double-length. This means that the kids will be quiet for twice as long as you try to get some alone time.

Diego goes about some rescues in the rainforest, the prairie and other parts of the world.

Go Diego Go!: Moonlight Rescue:
Episode 1: Tuga Helps the Moon: Some baby sea turtles have just been born and need the light of the moon in order to find their way back to the ocean. The problem is that Luna is breaking apart and so Diego and Tuga, the leatherback sea turtle, need help to find the moon's four pieces.

Episode 2: Rainforest Rhapsody: Puma wants to sing in the rainforest concert that Alicia is organizing, but he scares off the other performers. Diego and the red-eyed tree frogs need you help trying to find them all.

Episode 3: Rhea is an Animal Rescuer: Rhea feels awful because he is a bird who cannot fly. But when he becomes an animal rescuer Rhea learns that there are other important things he can do.

Go Diego Go! Safari Rescue:
Episode 1: Diego Safari Rescue: The African elephants seem to be missing. An evil magician has turned them all into rocks, so Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar join Juma, the animal rescuer, in his search for Erin the Elephant and a hidden magic drum that can break the spell.

Episode 2: Panchita the Prairie Dog: Diego and Alicia need your help at a rescue ranch where they meet Panchita, a prairie dog. Panchita need to find a new home for her family.

Episode 3: Jorge the Little Hawk Learns to Migrate: Like all the other hawks Jorge need to learn how to migrate. Somehow he loses the big hawks and needs Diego's help to find his way.

Go Diego Go! Diego's Arctic Rescue:
Episode 1: The Great Polar Bear Rescue: Diego, Baby Jaguar, Alicia, Dora the Explorer and their animal friends all get together to save some baby polar bears from the melting ice.

Episode 2: Puffin Fishing Adventure: Travel to Greenland with Diego to help Puffy the Puffin lead the other puffins in the search for a fish snack.

Episode 3: Where is Okapi's Brother?: The Mobile Rescue Unit, Diego and Baby Jaguar look through the African rainforest for a missing okapi.

Special Features: Song Selection, Animal Photo Gallery, Diego's Animal Adventures – Diego Saves Granpa Walrus, Free Snowy Owl, Icy River Rescue

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