The Trotsky @ Nouveau Cinema

Many of you may have already heard about "The Trotsky" which was screened at the Nouveau Cinema Festival recently. It features some home grown talent, along with some familiar sites around the city.

Seventeen year old Leon Bronstein (Jay Baruchel) is convinced that he is the reincarnation of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky. He has seen the signs and plans out a map to live up to his destiny. His list includes marrying an older woman (preferably named Alexandra), to find a Lenin, be exiled twice and last but not least, get assassinated.

He gets things rolling by trying to start a union at his Dad's factory. With much passion for his cause and some help from his sister, he is only able to drum up a small group who doesn't quite get what he's trying to do in the first place. Much to his Dad's dismay, Leon continues on his path and this eventually leads him to get transferred to public school. He once again tries to get a union organized and goes head to head with his dictatorial principal, Mr. Berkhoff (Colm Feore). He doesn't feel people are taking him seriously enough so he decides to get the media involved and take some serious action.

Jacob Tierny has done a fine job with "The Trotsky." The film is well written, witty and has some really funny moments. Jay Baruchel gave a remarkable performance and was very convincing in his role. Saul Rubinek, who plays the role of his Dad, also had some amusing scenes with Jay. On some level, the film has some interesting messages…like how one person can really bring about changes if they are passionate about a cause and how many youngsters these days are just wasting time and not getting involved in constructive things.

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